Brighton born,
Bristol based.

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From Brightons North Laines to Bristols North Street, the cities are internationally known for years of painted layers of texture and pattern. From tags to pieces, graffiti transforms the pale city background with bursts of vibrant colour. 

Paintily merges together patterns and textures to mimic the city walls, creating art awash with colour and bold design.

Native American stories and beliefs have also influenced the prints. The Broken Arrow stamped on all prints symbolising peace. The feathers in the artwork represent growth, the spine of the feather showing strength and the divide between male and female, truth and lies, right and wrong. While the tip of the feather shows adulthood and the delicate bottom feathers indicating new life and naivety. 

Roses are symbolic of love, beauty, passion and devotion, this adds a timeless balance to the strength of the women in the pieces. Roses adorned the head of Aphrodite the Greek Goddess of love which features heavily in many of the pieces.

Dakota - pink graffiti print by Paintily

Dakota - pink

1/1 spraypaint on canvas
Nita - pink graffiti print by Paintily

Nita (pink)

1/1 spraypaint on canvas
Nita - green graffiti print by Paintily

Nita (green)

1/1 spraypaint on canvas